miniature schnauzers

Lost Dogs Come Home When Owners Cook Sausage

The bereft owners were reunited with their missing dogs when they started cooking sausage
miniature schnauzers

Two miniature schnauzers went missing in a thick fog and weren't seen for four days, until their owners started cooking sausages.

A pair of bereft pet owners thought they’d never see their beloved dogs again after the two miniature schnauzers were lost in a thick fog in the hills of Cumbria, in northwest England. After several days and hundreds of hours searching, the dogs showed up safe and sound as soon as their owners started cooking some sausages.


According to the Telegraph, the dogs were on a walk with their owners' son, a sailor with the Navy, when suddenly a heavy mist rolled in. The owner's son couldn’t see the dogs anymore, and the dogs did not come back when he or his parents called them. A search party was arranged, and 120 people volunteered to comb the area looking for the missing puppies. They even had two drones searching by air, but nobody saw a hint of either of the dogs.


The search went on for 96 hours, and for a while the dogs’ devoted owners were actually sleeping in a tent in the area so they could call the dogs’ names all night and keep an eye out in case there was any sign of them. The dogs didn’t show up for any of it.


Then, four days after they’d gone missing, the sad owners made one last-ditch effort to find their dogs. They set up a little grill at the last place the dogs had been seen, and they started grilling some sausages.


The dogs showed up immediately.


Owner Liz Hampson said it was “like a mirage” when the dogs appeared over a hill, looking for sausages as though nothing unusual had happened. The Hampsons were thrilled to have their pets back, and the dogs have become regional celebrities. They caused a big ruckus, but everyone was glad to see them back.


Also, the dogs got their sausages.



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