Looks Like 50 Cent Never Heard Aziz Ansari's Grapefruit Bit

Or, he just never made a comment because it's the truth?

Aziz Ansari went viral a couple of months ago with a preview bit from Dangerously Delicious, where the comedian and Parks & Recreation actor recalled overhearing 50 Cent confuse "grapefruit" with "grape fruit."

Naturally, we're all wondering whether or not this story is true; 50 Cent does have a Vitamin Water deal in the works. But in the latest interview with The New York Times Magazine, Ansari assures the reader that yes, this is indeed a true story. Whether or not 50 Cent disagrees with Ansari's version, however, is unknown.

"Every other time I’ve done a bit about anybody famous, very quickly they reach out to you or you hear about them hearing about it," Ansari said. "That’s one instance where I’ve never heard of anyone that knows if he’s heard the bit or if he has any take on it."

Check out the original sketch here. And if you're 50 Cent, we're waiting for your call.