8 Secret Fast Food Menu Items for Your Dog

A surprising number of fast food chains offer something for Fido

Shake Shack's "Pooch-ini" comes with vanilla frozen custard, peanut butter, and dog biscuits. 

In recent years, fast food chains have been going out of their way to make sure that they offer something for everybody, be it fresh salads or grilled chicken or bacon ranch fries. But what about for dogs? You might be surprised to learn that plenty of fast food chains have off-menu items for man’s best friend.

8 Secret Fast Food Menu Items for Your Dog (Slideshow)

As opposed to traditional sit-down restaurants, which strictly forbid dogs thanks to health department policies (service dogs are the exception), the fact that most fast food restaurants offer drive-thru service (and many also have outdoor seating) has opened up the window for some decidedly non-traditional menu items.

Aside from the chains that stock dog biscuits by the drive-thru window and a couple that keep specially formulated dog-friendly snacks around, the off-menu items for doggies are all just repurposed human food. So keep in mind that while ice cream may be offered for dogs, some dogs handle dairy better than others. Make sure you know what types of foods your pets can tolerate before you allow them to chow down on these.

So if you don’t want your dog to feel left out the next time he tags along when you head to the drive-thru, read on to learn which chains offer a little something special for Fido.

Chick-Fil-A: Drive-Thru Treats

Flickr/ shutterdog

If you’re visiting a drive-thru Chick-Fil-A with the dog, be sure to ask if they have any treats by the window. Many of them keep some stashed back there!

Dairy Queen: Pup Cup

Flickr/ petemarkham

If you ask for a Pup Cup the next time you visit a Dairy Queen with the pup, you’ll be handed a free small serving of soft serve vanilla ice cream so you can share the love. 

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