Live Like a Celebrity: Anne Hathaway Edition

Our first leading lady in this series — ladies and gentleman, presenting Anne Hathaway

Life the life of Anne Hathaway, it's pretty wonderful if you ask us.

Recently we’ve given you an overview of the lives of two of Tinseltown’s favorite actors, Robert Pattinson and Bradley Cooper, by explaining how to cook, drink, eat, party, and travel like them. Sadly, though, we can’t teach you how to be absolutely gorgeous like them — that’s just natural beauty. (Womp, womp,)

Want to live like Anne Hathaway? Here's how.

For our first woman in the series, we had to start with a bang, so we chose someone who has really made an impression on Hollywood, from her ballsy role as Andrea Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada and her most recent — and tremendous! — role as Fantine in the classic story of Les Miserables to overcoming a few princess roles and a terrible Ponzi scheme along the way.

Hathaway has a knack for being quirky and quite charming at the same time, with her toothy smile and air of sophistication. She has made an imprint not only on Hollywood, but on the worlds of fashion and food. The actress is practically family with iconic designer Valentino, who designed her recent wedding gown and as for food, Hathaway is currently living a vegan lifestyle and has recently been in the public eye for her drastic dieting for her role in Les Mis.

The fabulous Hathaway has had an amazing 2012 — she got married in August, we’re already hearing Oscar buzz for her big role in Les Mis, and she killed it as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

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