The Light Beers and Drinks of the Super Bowl

Want to save on calories for the big game? Find out what drinks have the fewest calories to last you all through the game

What light beers to drink during the Super Bowl.

The hardest (or maybe the most fun) part of planning your Super Bowl party? Getting the drinks. While there are plenty of football- and team-themed cocktails and wines to be had during the game, it's a safe assumption that most people will want a cold beer. So what to buy to please the crowds? Well, light beer. 

Before the craft beer makers hunt us down (we still love you, we swear!), hear us out — a light, sessionable beer will keep you satisfied for longer. And for a four-hour-long game, you're going to need a beer that's not such a high percentage ABV. And let's not even talk about the immense amount of calories consumed from wings, burgers, and bar food during the game. 

Want to know what beers and other drinks will keep you buzzed and happy for the whole Super Bowl without extra calories? Check out how your beer breaks down in terms of calories, and ABV percentage. (Let's just say you should take this list with you to the store.)

Beer Calories per 12 ounces % ABV
Budweiser Select 55 55 2.4%
Miller64 64 2.8%
Michelob Ultra 95 4.2%
Amstel Light 95 3.5%
Miller Lite 96 4.2%
Heineken Light 99 3.5%
Corona Light 99 4.1%
Keystone Light 100 4.0%
Coors Light 104 4.1%
Bud Light  110 4.2%
Bud Light Lime 116 4.2%
Bud Light Platinum 137 6.0%
Budweiser Black Crown 180 6.0% 

And in case you're wondering what drinks to look for (and avoid) on Super Bowl Sunday, here are some of the healthiest choices, and caloric contenders, at the drinks table: 

Drink Calories per serving size
White Wine 120 calories per 6 ounces
Red Wine 160 calories per 6 ounces
Skinnygirl Sangria 132 calories per 5 ounces
Heineken 150 calories per 12 ounces
Bud Light Lime-A-Rita 220 calories per 8 ounces

That means 15 ounces of  Skinnygirl Sangria will total up to 396 calories, and two of those 12-ounce Heinekens will add up to 300 calories — yikes.