Let's Tangerine Tango

Eggplant purple, salmon pink, coffee, olive green, sherbert, wild cherry—while no shade, not even these food named hues, will truly ever beome the "new black," this red-orange has sure been pushing the envelope. Named the official color of 2012 by the Pantone Color Instiute back in December, it has been taking all markets by storm.

When famed designers like Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Christian Siriano, and others showcased the bold-faced hue back in the fall, it was an instant forecast — organge is in. Now, with the party season in full force, the hue has spilled out into entertaining, big time. 

At the New York Magazine Wedding event in late March, cake designers, stationers, and wedding planners alike all said the same thing when asked about the current trend: "Orange is the color" and simply, "Orange is the word!" 

From accented hints in décor to props, tablescabes, wedding party attire, and even wedding cakes, the warm tone is inescapable. Many brides and grooms are creating a palette of pale minty greens, crisp creams, and, you know it, tangerine tango in their planning process. 

While it can give a casual vibe to a usual semi-formal or formal event, never fear, for the color can surely be luxe if it wants to be. With many wildflowers appearing in tangerine and orange hues, centerpieces and bouquets can become pricey. Additionally, frostings and fabrics are dyed to create the deep pigment, which can tip the color to the expensive side. Department stores like Bloomingdale's and Macy's have also claimed that the color is popular in china choices as well as everyday settings. 

The season is still young, and while there are many parties to be had, there are more trends to be seen, so stay tuned!