Let Them Eat Squash! One Farm Celebrates Their Turkeys

Instead of being on the menu, these turkeys get their own Thanksgiving feast

Feasting time

The Farm Sanctuary, a farm with locations in both New York’s Finger Lakes and Northern California, has been honoring turkeys every Thanksgiving season for 25 years. A sanctuary for animals rescued from farms and stockyards, the Farm Sanctuary feeds their turkeys their own Thanksgiving dinner rather than preparing them to be part of the meal. The event, their Celebration FOR the Turkeys, is a huge draw for animal lovers who come to indulge in a vegan Thanksgiving alongside their gobbling counterparts.

The guests of honor peck at stuffed squash, pumpkin pie, and cranberries served on silver platters, while human attendees enjoy a cocktail hour with live music and a delicious, turkey-free, Thanksgiving feast. And for anyone that falls particularly in love with their gobbling, feasting friends, Farm Sanctuary has started the Adopt-a-Turkey Project to place turkeys into loving homes. Should your home not be fit for a turkey roommate, you can also sponsor a turkey at the sanctuary.

This year’s turkey Thanksgiving was held in California on November 19th and 20th and in New York on November 20th