Learning The Basics

Nicole Richie has certainly come a long way since her days of being on The Simple Life. However the creative director of House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate, star of the new web series #CandidlyNicole and mom isn't quite there just yet. That's why she calls on etiquette expert Derek Blasberg to help her keep it classy for her neighbor's 32nd Wedding Anniversary dinner.

In her most recent episode, Richie takes Blasberg give some excellent tips on hosting an event in your home. Here are just a few pointers we really enjoyed:

Derek Blasberg Tips:

On the Key to a Successful Party
"First and foremost is the guest list. I've had more fun at a pizza party with good friends than I've had at an elegant 14-course meal with complete strangers."
On When to Leave the Party:
One person told me this amazing tip when to leave the party is to leave when you're having the most fun.

On Name Cards at the Party
"If you want to introduce someone to someone else, you've got to do name cards."

On Eating Etiquettes

"It's polite to wait until the people on either side of you have food on their plates. But you, you probably wouldn't wait...what's polite is often what's not personal."

Nicole Richie's Tips:

 "I always have fresh flowers. I have candles. The scent is very important. And at my house, I like to keep things very casual. So everybody takes off their shoes. We're normally outside."

"So flowers, food, fresh scents, bare feet. 'The Nicole Richie party tricks,'" Blaseberg quips. "And also the pole dancing."

"Yes, well that's the surprise show..." Richie retorts.

The new series is based on Nicole's clever twitter feed and will follow the outspoken host as she muses on her own daily insights and shares her uncensored perspectives.