Learn To Flip Food In A Pan

Sometimes we watch chefs cook as they effortlessly toss a pasta in a pan, all while talking and gesticulating and also keeping an eye the fire, and then we realize that we'll never be chefs because the amount of multitasking necessary is just ridiculous. And then we go home and make some toast or cereal or whatever.

So luckily, here's a video to get us one step closer to learning how to cook like a pro. YouTube channel Food Wishes released this video teaching you how to flip food in a pan (the food being cheese puffs, naturally), and it's already gone viral with more than 800,000 views. As the narrator notes, "It's not an up and down motion, it's a back and forth motion." A helpful rhyme: "up and down is very lame; back and forth shows your game." 

Anyway, watch the whole lesson below and then go practice with a whole bag of cheese puffs. That's for dinner, right?