Latte Art for Your Inner Nerd

Feel free to totally geek out about this

Before he saves Princess Peach, he’s here to quench your thirst.

We’ve all seen crazy latte art. It’s grown from the simple leaf to 3-D giraffes greeting you from your cups. Now there’s a cup of art for everyone, including nerds.

All of us nerd out from time to time. Whether it’s superheroes, anime, or even Youtube sensations, some things just speak to our inner-nerd. Now latte art has started to incorporate all the best nerd icons in one frothy cup. These amazing photos will remind you why it’s awesome to be a nerd.

Sailor Moon

She doesn’t need Sailors Mars and Mercury as long as she has you.


Optimus Prime

Autobots rollout!


Genie from Aladdin

First he was trapped in a lamp and now he’s trapped in your coffee cup.


Eevee’s Evolution

Jolteon I choose you! And an onion bagel, please.



Mario’s upbeat attitude goes well with the caffeine in your cup.


Iron Man

Tony Stark needs coffee to start his day just like all of us.


Daenerys Targaryen

The mother of dragons in foam form.


Surrealist Cup

Is it surreal to have surrealist art in your coffee?


Grumpy Cat

He’s really happy to be a part of your day, even if he doesn’t look it.


Storm Trooper

A classic bad guy in a good cup of coffee.