The Larder at Tavern Jazzes Up Menu for Labor Day

This Los Angeles restaurant is offering a special takeout menu just for Labor Day weekend

If you’re hosting a Labor Day party and don’t know what to cook, Los Angeles residents, look no further. The Larder at Tavern is revamping their takeout menu for those who want to enjoy delicious Labor Day food without the hassle.

The Larder at Tavern will be offering the fully array of meats, from ribs and brisket to burgers and chicken. Burgers come ready for a cookout and are accompanied by a complete set of toppings and sauces. There is also an elaborate selection of sides. Among others, The Larder at Tavern will have a refreshing watermelon salad with mint and feta; orzo pasta salad with roasted tomatoes, olives, and ricotta salata; and a Yukon potato salad with prosciutto sofrito and castelventro olives. To check out the whole Labor Day takeout menu, see below.

The Larder at Tavern is a chic, casual café connected to the upscale restaurant Tavern. The Larder at Tavern offers fresh pastries, sandwiches, cheeses, and desserts. Diners enjoy their fare in the comfortable, beautiful dining room, where the ambiance is relaxed and inviting, making every visit a joy.


TO START (serves 8 unless priced by the dozen)
crudité platter with buttermilk dressing  40
cheese platter with dried fruit, walnuts & almonds 68
AOC dates (dozen)  12
spiced nuts  16
marcona almonds 12
MAIN DISHES (serves 8 unless priced by the pound)
st. louis style pork ribs (per pound) 24
bbq beef brisket (per pound)  24
grilled chicken breast with green olive & preserved lemon  68
assorted sandwich platter  96
assorted ficelle platter  56
ready to grill burgers with buns & accompaniments  80
(beef, pork, turkey or combination)
burger additions
- add manchego, fontina or cheddar  12      
- add bacon  12         - add avocado  12

Buttermilk 6/half pint
Aioli 5/half pint
Barbeque sauce 6/half pint

Hamburger bun 1/ea
Hot dog bun 1/ea
blueberry boule 10

SIDES (serves 4)
orzo pasta salad with roasted tomatoes, nicoise olives & ricotta salata 24
watermelon salad with mint & feta  24
corn salad with summer squash, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno & cilantro 24
shell bean salad with prosciutto sofrito & castelvetrano olives  20
yukon potato salad with cornichons, lardons & mustard vinaigrette  20
farro with basil-mint pesto, cucumber & tomato  24
blue lake beans with marcona almonds, garlic & lemon  24
arugula & little gems with chives, radish & lemon 30
mac n cheese  24
pastry platter (serves 8 to 10) :
butterscotch brownie bites, lemon bar bites, assorted cookies 56
cookie extravaganza (serves 8 to 10) : 
assortment of chewy and crispy chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal, pistachio, walnut shortbread, and chocolate sable cookies  48
summer fruit cobbler (serves 4 to 6)  36