Kim Kardashian Decides What To Do With Her Wedding Gifts

There isn't a person on this planet who isn't aware of the 72-day marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

Now, while there has been much publicized judgment passed on the short-term couple, one thing is evident — their wedding was the definition of over-the-top. With more than 400 people on the guest list, it's safe to say that the pair received a stellar selection of wedding presents.

The wedding registry including items like a $635 Baccarat ice bucket and matching $260 ice tongs, a $375 candy jar, a $710 sugar bowl, and a set of 20 napkin rings for $3,000 — the ex-couple ended up receiving around $100,000 in gifts.

Amidst all of the "what will she do with the gifts" criticism, Kardashian has finally made a decision concerning the gifts. She made a donation of double the amount of money, $200,000, to The Dream Foundation.

She sent a note to guests saying, "I would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift. It has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation."

The Dream Foundation added: "Kim felt that this was the most fitting way to acknowledge and pay forward your gift with the same compassion and kindness it was intended."

Nicely done. Emily Post would approve — of the donation that is. (Kris Humphries, however, reportedly thinks she should give the gifts back in addition to the donation).