Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Halloween Candy Prank Again

Kids still eating their Halloween candy? Tell them you ate it all

Last year Jimmy Kimmel angered several tiny kids by telling their parents to pretend to eat all their Halloween candy, causing plenty of tantrums and crying fests and finger pointing and screaming.

This year, he decided to do the same trick, asking parents to upload videos of their children reacting to the horrifying news (they did work hard for that candy, honestly).

While most of the kids responded the same way as last year (sudden outbursts, screams, tears, flailing limbs, yelling "I hate you Jimmy Kimbel [sic]"), others were a bit more precocious. 

There were super sweet kids who simply responded, "That's OK!" while jumping up and down, and another adorable little guy who just said, "I just want you to feel happy." Meanwhile, one girl in particular showed that her parents raised her well, saying, "When it's next Halloween, we can share my candy."  Kind of makes the rest of us look like brats, really.