Kids Apparently Like 'X-Ray Vision Carrots' More Than Regular Carrots

But what will happen when they don't get X-ray vision?

While the chefs at Eleven Madison Park may love vegetables enough to replace a steak with carrots, kids are stereotyped as vegetable-hating, candy-loving picky eaters (any kid who acts otherwise is a total square). So researchers at Cornell University decided to see if catchy, cool names would get kids to eat more vegetables.

The researchers served regular carrots one day and "X-Ray Vision Carrots" the next day, along with a "Food of the Day." And of course, the kids, being the superficial creatures they are, just loved the "X-Ray Vision Carrots". "The kids ate 66 percent of the 'X-ray vision carrots,' compared with 32 percent of 'Food of the Day' carrots and 35 percent of unnamed carrots," LiveScience reports.

In another study, "X-ray Vision Carrots," "Punch Broccoli," "Tiny Tasty Tree Tops," and "Silly Dilly Green Beans" sold 99 percent more than unnamed vegetables. But after a while, we're sure, this gets old. What's going to happen when carrots don't give kids X-ray vision, and tree tops are not tasty, and broccoli does not pack a punch? Kids are going to revolt, and all this is just going to backfire like crazy.