KFC Japan Just Released The Cutest Sanrio Cinnamon Roll

Sanrio is most famous as the company behind Hello Kitty, but one of its very cutest series is Cinnamoroll, about a flying puppy dog with a cinnamon roll for a tail. Cinnamoroll is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, and KFC Japan has decided to celebrate by creating a Cinnamoroll collaboration featuring the most obvious of treats: a cinnamon roll.


According to Sora News 24, KFC Japan's new Cinnamoroll cinnamon buns are warm, crusty, cinnamon-flavored rolls with a swirl of white icing. KFC Japan offers little plastic finger sleeves for people who want to eat fried chicken without getting their fingers greasy, and they might want to break them out again so people can eat the cinnamon rolls without getting sticky from the warm, gooey icing.


The cinnamon rolls sell for 250 yen or about $2.26 each, and they're just about the size of a person's palm, but their packaging is as adorable as anything one would expect from Sanrio, with a little heart-shaped plastic viewing window so people can look at their pastries, and instructions for how to microwave the cinnamon roll at home. Cinnamon the puppy graces the covers wearing a tiny little KFC Japan uniform.


Even the cutest of cardboard boxes isn't exactly a keepsake, though, so Cinnamoroll fans can still buy special "Smile Sets" with Cinnamoroll character toys to keep and play with after the buns are eaten.


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