Hello Kitty


The 5 Craziest Hello Kitty Food Gadgets

No matter what the meal or occasion, there’s something Hello Kitty for you
Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty is everywhere, including all over the kitchen.

Oh, Hello Kitty. This little white cat may only be five apples tall, but she sure has a lot of impact on the culinary world. From themed restaurants to her own Spam kit, Hello Kitty is everywhere — including all over your kitchen.

Yes, with a simple, easily customizable design and millions of rabid fans across the world, Sanrio has printed Hello Kitty’s face on hundreds of products, including many cooking gadgets. As should be expected, some of them are pretty insane.

For every single item on this list, there are five other items that didn’t make the cut — not because they’re not crazy, but because we had to make the cutoff somewhere. At the end of the day, you can buy anything with Hello Kitty’s face splashed on it. Looking for a microwave? They make one! (In baby pink, naturally.) Want to have fresh Hello Kitty coffee, quesadillas, pancakes, or toast every morning? Why not all four? Make a stew in your Hello Kitty slow cooker, follow it up with a hot Hello Kitty sandwich, and round out the meal with a Hello Kitty-shaped cake blended together with your Hello Kitty hand mixer.

We’re exhausted thinking about all the adorable Hello Kitty food options available — and we haven’t even gotten to the craziest gadgets out there. But if all of the above aren’t enough for you, here are five highly specific, completely outrageous Hello Kitty food gadgets for your everyday life.

Whether you’re craving lemonade, orange juice, grapefruit juice or something in between, Hello Kitty has you covered with her hand-cranked juicer. The overwhelming sweetness of this juicer will counterbalance any tart notes from your citrus.

Amazon, $19.99

Popcorn Maker
Looking to make a fun popcorn snack while watching your favorite Hello Kitty TV series? This little “cat with no mouth” has got you covered. Coming in her signature bubblegum pink color, this popcorn maker features Kitty’s big white head on top with popcorn coming out of her chest. And yes, it looks about it weird as it sounds.

Walmart, $36.99

Vegetable Cutter
Are your glazed carrots lacking sass? Is your watermelon just not girly enough? Do you only choose to eat things in the shape of cats? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this vegetable cutter is for you. Reviewers of this product say it’s surprisingly durable and can be used for sugar cookies, fondant, bread, and a variety of produce.

Amazon, $2.45

Water Dispenser
Water is a necessary element for life, so why not make your water delivery vessel as adorable as possible? Yes, everything comes in Hello Kitty shape, including a water dispenser. This little dispenser can hold up to eight glasses of H20, so it’s kind of the perfect thing for any desk space… right?

Toys “R” Us, $19.99

Yogurt Maker/Sprout Generator
If you’re really the earthy type, then this is the exact Hello Kitty product for you. This pricey gadget not only makes its own yogurt but is also capable of germinating brown rice and sprouting soybeans. If you’re really looking into making your own food, you may as well start by doing it in an adorable manner.

Ebay, $159.99