KFC Japan Gives Out Finger Sleeves For Holding Fried Chicken

Eating fried chicken is always a little messy, but now KFC Japan has made it has made it a slightly cleaner experience by distributing plastic finger sleeves for people to wear while eating.

According to Rocket News 24, the "Finger Nup," or "Finger Napkin," is a little plastic glove that just goes over the thumb and index finger, so eaters can hold a piece of fried chicken without running the risk of greasy fingers.

KFC has made a lot of joke products in its day — fried chicken-scented sunscreen comes to mind — but the finger sleeves were apparently invented to solve an actual problem customers were having. The company noticed customers were wrapping their chicken in napkins to keep their fingers from getting greasy, but napkins absorb grease and are not entirely effective at keeping hands clean. These little gloves are, though, and now they'll be available upon request at KFC locations in Japan.