KFC China

KFC China Unveils Its Own Smartphone

KFC fans in China can buy a phone from their favorite quick-service restaurant
KFC China

KFC is its 30th anniversary in China with a limited-edition KFC cellphone.

Forget the new iPhone, the most exclusive new phone in China is a special, limited-edition Android phone that's just for the most dedicated of chicken-loving KFC superfans.

Most people would just get a phone case for their favorite fast-food chain, but according to The Independent, KFC is taking it a step farther and actually making its own smartphone. KFC is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the chain’s entry into the Chinese market this year. 2017 is also the 30th anniversary of Huawei, a Chinese smartphone company. To take advantage of their shared birthdays, KFC and Huawei have teamed up to make a limited-edition KFC branded smartphone.

The phone is called the Enjoy 7 Plus Android, and it’s bright red and has the face of Colonel Sanders on the back. They’re available in either 16GB or 32GB versions, and they come pre-loaded with the KFC online ordering app. Perhaps most fun of all, they come with an app that lets users pick the songs that play in KFC restaurants, like a jukebox in the phone.

KFC Smartphone


The KFC smartphone.

The phones also come with 100,000 “K dollars,” which is the KFC digital currency people can use to pay for food orders at KFC in China.

Only 5,000 of the KFC smartphones will be available, so KFC fans will have to act fast to get them.

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