That Phone Case That Makes Coffee Is Too Good to Be True

The Mokase phone case doubles as a shield for your phone and a portable espresso machine, but is it all just one big joke?

The battery in your phone is hot enough to brew a cup of espresso.

Your phone can already order you food, level your photographs, and take you anywhere you want to go with fairly accurate directions — but what if it could make you a cup of coffee? The miraculous Italian-made Mokase coffee-brewing case holds about 25 milliliters of liquid (just under one standard shot of espresso), which can supposedly be poured directly out of the phone case into a cup without damaging the phone.

Here’s how it works: A disposable insert is placed inside the case: that’s where your liquid goes. Then, your phone’s battery heats up the coffee to between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit in under 10 seconds. The case is completely waterproof and insulates the coffee so it won’t get cold.

We can’t quite think of a perfect use for this nifty on-the-go device other than showing off to your friends — like, “Hey, look what my phone can do!” But you most likely won’t even get a chance to do that. You know what they say about crowdfunding campaigns that sound too good to be true: Our alarm bells went off as soon as we saw that the Kickstarter campaign had been suspended on May 8.

Soon after the suspension, Mokase sent out a message to all of its financial backers: “Hi, given the positive feedback we have received in recent days, we have decided to suspend the Kickstarter's crowdfunding campaign and begin production, in a few weeks it will be possible to buy it directly on our site, the updated update on this site.”

As Reddit users pointed out, all signs point to fraud, since Kickstarter themselves suspended the campaign. And if a crowdfunding campaign is so successful, why would any company throw away all the funds they had already raised?

Asked by The Daily Meal why they had suspended the campaign, Kickstarter explained: “Our Integrity Team determined that it did not conform to our rules about working prototypes for hardware products.”

When The Daily Meal contacted Mokase they said (translated from Italian): “After five days of crowdfunding, we decided to suspend and start production immediately thanks to an agreement with an Italian company.”


You can currently buy the case online for 49.90 euros ($55.93 USD), but you may want to hold off for now until further information is known.