Keep Your Party Drinks Cold In Frozen Water Balloons

It's time to give your party drink bucket a makeover — by filling it with a colorful assortment of frozen water balloons.

Who doesn't see a filled water balloon and immediately flashback to childhood? Now, your child life and adult life can collide by mixing your wines, beers, and spirits with the nostalgia of a good water balloon fight in the summer. You can customize the color options according to your party's theme, and perhaps by the end of the party, they will all melt, leaving you with a perfect excuse to toss a few around (although we warn you, the effect won't be the same if they're frozen).

Water balloons are affordable and often cheaper than buying ice itself, so this is a thrifty way to add spunk, creativity, and functionality to your party essentials. So the next time you stroll through the party store, grab some extra balloons, and keep your drinks cool and party-ready.