Kate Middleton is the Fanciest Barmaid Ever in Belfast Pub

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a shimmering Missoni dress for her bar stint
Duchess of Cambridge
Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Members of the royal family have to be ready for anything in their travels. This week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge turned up at a pub in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the duchess pulled a perfect pint, all while gussied up in a shimmery designer dress.

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The royal couple ended the first day of their recent Northern Ireland trip with a visit to Belfast’s famed Empire Music Hall. While there, both royals stepped behind the bar and tried their hand at pulling pints of Harp Lager. (Vanity Fair reports that the duchess jokingly attempted to distract her husband while he pulled his pint.)

But when it was Kate’s turn at the tap, she seemed to perform perfectly, with spectators applauding as she finished pulling the beer. The duchess was dressed in a shimmery minty green Missoni designer dress, making her perhaps the fanciest barmaid ever.

The pub itself joked about its royal visitors on its official Twitter account, sharing a goofy photo of Kate making a face as she pulls the beer. The pub captioned the photo with, “Couple of new starts behind the bar tonight!” and added the hashtag, “#nbd” for “no big deal.”

According to the official Twitter account of the Northern Ireland Office, which is the UK government department responsible for Northern Ireland affairs, the couple were at the pub for an informal party “to celebrate inspirational young people who are making a real difference in (Northern Ireland).”

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