Karlie Kloss, Christina Tosi, Danny Bowien Rock '80s Style for Cooking Workout Video

This is too much adorable in one video

We will admit to prancing around our kitchen in a leotard and tights, but never like this. To kick off supermodel Karlie Kloss' line of "healthy" cookies (aptly called Karlie's Kookies), Lucky Peach has released an awesome '80s-infused workout-cooking show to teach you how to make their Perfect 10 cookies.

There are bright blue leotards (on Kloss, obviously), side ponytails on Christina Tosi, yellow leg warmers and headbands on Momofuku's Courtney McBroome, and Spandex and suspenders on Mission Chinese Food's Danny Bowien. All four prance around their test kitchen, doing lunges and step aerobics on milk crates, and pumping cartons of milk.

As for the cooking, Kloss pulls all the ingredients out of her fanny pack (of course there are fanny packs), rolls out the perfect cookie dough with animated graphics, and bakes them up while taking a stretch in the streets of New York. There is also the stereotypical shot of McBroome pouring cereal milk into her mouth. Hey guys, can we be best friends? We'll feather our hair to fit in.