Kaley Cuoco’s Upside-Down Wedding Cake

'The Big Bang Theory' actress makes a big splash with her wedding cake

Why yes, this cake is swinging from a chandelier.

When you are Kaley Cuoco, everything you do is a "Big Bang."

OK, all puns aside, the actress recently wed the love of her life and spared no expense to let her joy show. Our favorite way she expressed it has to be with her over-the-top (literally) wedding cake. The Knot reported that Cuoco called on the expertise of The Buttered End, an ambitious bakery in the great state of California that hung Cuoco’s cake from a chandelier upside down. The wedding party and the bride were so impressed, several Instagrams and tweets circulated around it.

" ... As I was drawing it out at her [Cuoco's] house I had this vision in my head of the cake being an extension of the bottom of the chandelier," said shop owner and creator Kimberly Bailey in her interview with The Knot. "Without even saying anything, Kaley saw the wheels turning and begged me to tell her what I was thinking. I shared the idea with her and she got so excited!"

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Dripping in crystals and actually able to cut into, this cake proves to be one of the most amazing we’d ever seen! For more amazing wedding cakes, check out our slideshow!