Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez: A Dinner Date Look Back

After sources confirm their split, we look back at the couple's finest culinary moments
Not so fast readers — before we walk down the memory lane of these young lovers' time together, let us just say that apparently, the book may not be completely closed on their relationship.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Bieber and Gomez in fact reunited at New York City's West Village favorite Morandi just last night for dinner, along with Gomez's cousin Priscilla Deleon and Bieber's best friend Alfredo Flores. This all happened the same night the on-again, off-again couple was reportedly spotted together at Gomez's hotel. 

While we're not sure if this was an official reconciliation or not, it seems the couple has returned to their old ways and had date night over dinner.
In any case, it's safe to say that these two have shared many memorable meals in their two years together —Bieber and Gomez have visited more than seven countries, 12 states, and dined at more than 50 restaurants together.

If their split is in fact the real deal, we here at The Daily Meal will miss reporting on the Biebs and Gomez, since their gallivanting around the world has lead them to some fantastic restaurants, as well as a ton of chains and franchises. While the couple enjoys a luxe and exclusive meal, like one at L'Avenue, one of Paris' most see-and-be-seen restaurants, they also like acting their age and just picking up burgers at In-N-Out or sandwiches at Subway.

Take a look back at Bieber and Gomez's best dinning moments around the world here.