How To Party Like José Andrés

If you want your dinner parties to be as slick as those of chef José Andrés, here's some great tidbits courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

First, the Spanish chef limits guests to eight people, because any party larger and "the complications grow exponentially."

Then, Andrés serves four or five tapas courses, mostly cold. Grab some jamón serrano or Ibérico ham, toast some bread, and then add some tomatoes and olive oil. Top endives with goat cheese, caviar, or hummus. Sautéed shrimp or stuffed peppers can be the single hot plate on the menu, and even high-quality potato chips make the cut.

As for dessert? "The best quality sorbet or ice cream from a local ice-cream maker," Andrés recommends. Add some dessert wine and "it's the perfect ending."