Join The Mason Jar Craze

Question: How can I incorporate the mason jar craze into a stylish urban party without looking too "country"?

Coryanne Ettiene: Mason jars have taken over the party scene this summer and will continue to be a popular theme will into next year. The simplest way to incorporate this theme into your summer party is to serve a fabulous cocktail in them. Finding sleek, simple clear canning jars offer the least "country" design and when you pair them with a gin and tonic or a mojito, they will give you the urban edge, and if you are at all crafty, painting them is a clever way of disguises them in a chic repurposed look.

Another great way to include mason jars is to create a centerpiece by filling them with water and adding a single Beta fish to each jar, and once the party is over, you can give them as party gifts to your guests. And if you can't beat them, join them by using mason jars as vases, silverware holders, napkin holders, salad or soup dishes, or even garden path lanterns for the ultimate country garden party.

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