Kimmel Has Parents Give Terrible Presents

And film the kids opening them

Remember when Jimmy Kimmel had parents pretend to eat their kids' candy, and the resulting footage was hilarious?

Well, looks like Kimmel tried to do it again, this time asking parents to film their kids opening up really terrible presents. It's surprising how many parents gave food.

For instance, there were at least two cases of half-eaten sandwiches as presents, an onion, an old banana, a half-empty (or full) juice bottle, a can of black beans, a potato, and a hot dog that the dog steals away.

Also, it looks like parents had fun with gender-bending presents, giving ponies and Hello Kitty shirts to little boys. The results aren't quite as amusing as his first video, but hey, at least Kimmel tried.

Watch below to see the kids' reactions. Warning, some dirty, angry comments at the end.


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