Jimmy Kimmel Gets a Bunch of Parents to Chew Up Their Kids' Food

Then they uploaded a video of their kids' reactions, titled, 'Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Silverstoned My Kid'

Still From the Video

Yes, Alicia Silverstone is an odd one. The Clueless star made headlines last week for "pre-masticating" her kid's foods (read: chewing it up and spitting it into his mouth).

So naturally, Jimmy Kimmel decided to do one of his crowd-sourcing pranks, asking parents to chew up and spit out their kids' food and serve it to them.

There's a lot of smart kids out there, some kids making adorably digusted faces, and also a select few who actually enjoy it. Hmm. Parents, stop doing these things to your kids just because Jimmy Kimmel tells you to.