Japanese Food: Kyūshū's Popular Dishes

Japanese cuisine is extraordinarily diverse, and you can discover the various types of Japanese food by visiting Japanese restaurants.  One interesting type of Japanese food comes from Kyūshū, the third largest island in Japan and home to the city of Fukoka, a well-known city in the world of Japanese food.

Among Kyūshū's popular dishes is boiled chicken that isn't seasoned, called mizutaki. The mizutaki concept that exists in Japanese food is an old Japanese recipe that originated in Fukoka.  Mizutaki calls for cooking chicken and vegetables in a chicken stock soup which, and then chicken and vegetables are dipped in ponzu sauce before eating them. Additionally, when the chicken and vegetables are finished, many Japanese chefs will add rice to the broth and make a tasty porridge.

Sara udon, or wheat flour noodles, are another type of Japanese food that is one of Kyūshū's popular dishes that can be found in Nagasaki. These noodles can be served with many ingredients to accompany them, and it is important to know that there are two types of sara udon noodles:  thick noodles fried with lard, and thinner noodles that are fried with oil. 

Champon, or a dish of ramen-like noodles, and Hakata ramen, are also some of Kyūshū's Popular Dishes.