Jamie Oliver to Open 2 Restaurants in Russia

A pair of Jamie's Italian restaurants to make Russian debut in 2013

Jamie Oliver is set to open two Jamie's Italian restaurant locations in Russia in 2013. Jamie’s Italian Moscow and Jamie’s Italian St. Petersburg will be operated by Ginza Project.

Jamie's Italian, which serves traditional, rustic Italian cuisine, is a partnership between Oliver and his Italian mentor Gennaro Contaldo. Since the first location opened in Oxford, England, in 2008, the chain has expanded to 30 restaurants in England, Australia, Germany, India, and Singapore. In addition to the two locations in Russia, another location will soon open in Perth, Australia.

In keeping with tradition, the Russian outposts will have their own unique flair along with antipasti stations and open kitchens.

"The sites we've got in Moscow and St. Petersburg are in brilliant locations, and the buildings themselves are absolutely stunning. I’m delighted to able to bring the Jamie’s Italian experience to the people of Russia," said Oliver.


Nikki Maniscalco is a Junior Writer at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @NikkiMarie2116