It's National Tequila Day, Let's Take a Shot (or 8)

A roundup of The Daily Meal's best 8 tequilas and cocktail recipes

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four: we at The Daily Meal are no strangers to the fiery spirit, and are more than excited to celebrate National Tequila Day this week. Here's a look back at some of our best tequila cocktails, tequila and food pairings, and even some tequila-inspired songs — one for each shot of tequila.* Where are the salt and limes?

Shot #1: A Beginner's Guide to Tequila

You have to know what you're drinking beforehand, right? Study up on the history, and types, of tequila. 

Shot #2: The Tequila Julep

Because every night should start with a classy cocktail.

Shot #3: How to Navigate a Tequila Menu

Figure out what you're drinking next, obviously. 

Shot #4: How to Pair Tequila with Dinner

Don't drink on an empty stomach, duh! The Daily Meal's Ali Rosen and Jose Cuervo brand ambassador Christopher Miano give you dinner inspiration. 

Shot #5: 5 Favorite Tequila Cocktails

Keep drinking, obviously. Naren Young at Saxon + Parole shows you how. 

Shot #6: In Defense of Mezcal

Learn about tequila's smoky-flavored brother. 

Shot #7: George Clooney Launches Tequila Line

Discuss how well tequila and George Clooney go together. (Answer: very, very well.)

Shot #8: 36 Tequila Songs

Turn up the tequila-mused playlist, sing some sloppy songs together, and pass out. 

*Note: We're not really suggesting you take eight shots of tequila. In fact, we're worried you might get a bit too sloppy. Lock it up, folks: enjoy your tequila responsibly.