It’s a Toss Up

Pizza-tossers unite to toss like a boss

At the Ballard Pizza Company in Seattle, these are no ordinary tossers. Pizza-tossers, we mean, of course. The company’s inaugural Toss Like a Boss Competition on March 10 has pizzaioli competing until one remains standing, and looks like the dough is flying high.

"I've learned that pizza-tossers take their job very seriously," says chef/owner Ethan Stowell. "This event is a great way to let them strut their stuff and give back to the community."

How does one actually judge a pizza-tossing competition, though?  Well, there is the final beauty of the pie along with speed and height of the toss. Style points are a factor as well. 

Crowned as the Pizza Toss Boss, the final pizzaiola receives a trophy and can donate whatever proceeds from the event to a chosen charity. $20 is the suggested donation, and attendees receive a scorecard and free pizza and salad. If you want to make a weekend of your visit, hit up the Hotel Ballard just up the street.

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So if you give a toss, head on over to the event that’s on the rise.