From Ireland, With Love: Celtic Wedding Traditions

We have a lot to learn from our ancestors and their ancient wedding traditions.

Learn About Celtic Wedding Traditions 

Some of these rituals and practices have carried over into present day, remaining true to their roots or taking on new form. Unfortunately many of these sacred wedding symbols have been lost with time.

It's important for a Green Bride to separate the pressures of modern day wedding planning and remember the most important parts of a wedding.

Many of the traditions mentioned below were started in ancient times and are inspired by the Irish countryside and the Irish people's direct relationship with the earth.

In today's world, these traditions would be considered eco-friendly, although in the past everything was done with nature in mind.

These rituals included outdoor weddings, the gathering of wildflowers and herbs for a bouquet or floral crown, saving the wedding cake for the first baby's baptism, using all natural and local ingredients and seeing the couple off with ringing bells.

Learn more about your heritage and take some eco-friendly tips from your ancestors, no matter where you come from!