If 7-Eleven's Coffee Cups Are Right, Obama Will Win the Election

Nearly 60 percent of 7-Eleven's coffee drinkers chose Obama cups over Romney

According to the "polls," Obama is winning the 7-Eleven Election 2012.

Remember the 7-Eleven election-themed coffee cups the chain launched last month? If you've been keeping track of who's supporting President Obama and Governor Romney for the presidential bid via coffee cup, you'll find that Obama is taking a strong lead. 

As of now, 60 percent of coffee drinkers are "voting" for Obama in nearly every state. While Romney might be glowing after the first presidential debate, Slate might have some sobering news for him about the 7-Eleven poll: it's surprisingly accurate. The 7-Eleven coffee cup poll has accurately predicted the winner of the last three presidential elections. In 2004 and 2008, the coffee cup poll was within 1 percent of the popular vote — 1 percent! 

Sure, the poll is "bashedly unofficial and unscientific," as the chain proudly touts, but hey — it's a poll, nonetheless. Plus, we get to watch these weird videos from The Onion, so that's always a win.