Husk Settles Wrongful-Death Lawsuit

The esteemed Charleston restaurant agrees to settle for $1.1 million


The parent company of Husk Restaurant in Charleston, S.C., Neighborhood Dining Group has agreed to settle the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of a man killed in a car crash last winter.

According to reports, the fatal event took place the morning of December 17, 2011, when police say Quentin Gregory Miller, 32, was driving over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and was struck from behind, forcing his Mustang to crash into a concrete wall and burst into flames. The driver of the Audi that reportedly hit Miller’s car was Adam Joseph Burnell, 32, an assistant manager and sommelier at Husk at the time who was charged with felony drinking under the influence.

With regards to the wrongful death suit, plaintiffs alleged that the restaurant allowed Burnell to drink heavily after finishing his shift, and then drive home while impaired. The settlement requires The Neighborhood Dining Group (on behalf of Husk) to pay $1.1 million to the victim’s family.