How To Build A Salad

People tend to get bored with salads – always tired of the same old lettuce and dressing combinations. What's worse is when, instead of eating a boring salad, people try to make them interesting and overload them with high-fat, high-calories options, sabotaging their good intentions by creating something that is less nutritious than a slice of pizza.

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Salad doesn't have to be boring, and it definitely shouldn't be bad for you. The key to avoiding either of these two fates is knowing how to put a salad together. Whether it's adding too little ingredients or too many, or not knowing how to put them all together, oftentimes a salad can go from boring to overpowering in no time at all.

There are simple, easy ways to spice up your salad, and they don't involve high caloric additives or heavy dressings. To switch up your salad routine, think of your salad as layers, and work to improve each layer so that you don't overdo the whole thing. Whether it's starting with the base by choosing something different than regular old iceberg lettuce, or choosing a variety of colorful vegetables for your second, by thinking about a salad in layers, it's easy to make it fun and impressive.