How to Stay Fit and Social While Partying This Summer

Expanding your social circle without expanding your waistline

Healthy appetizer example

A great party isn’t complete without a mouthwatering menu, and it is the duty of the guest to enjoy all that the host or hostess has provided, including a variety of offerings. Yet what is one supposed to do if these offerings don’t match up with their health goals? Simply shove them away, making the entire room uncomfortable?—Absolutely not. The secret may simply be the type of food eaten, not the amount.
In a recent study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, “Participants burned about 300 calories more a day on a low-carb, high protein diet than they did on a low-fat diet.” This is due to protein being much harder for the body to digest than carbohydrates. This includes eggs, dairy, and meats, leaving party treat options wide open.  Sure, you may have to pass up the Boozy Donuts as mentioned in the 25 Party Foods Worth Your Attention Slideshow, but that just leaves more room to indulge in the Buffalo Bites and Bacon Tomato Basil Tarts! So while you party hop, feel relief in knowing that even when watching your weight, you can still enjoy indulgent foods, as long as you consider the type before you chomp.