How to Start New Year’s Off on the Right Foot

Take our quiz to test your knowledge of lucky New Year's traditions

The start of a new year is a time for new beginnings and a fresh outlook on life. Everyone hopes for good fortune in the coming months, yet many do little more than make a quiet resolution with regards to their approach to the year ahead. Perhaps there is more that you can do to bring good fortune this year. What if you knew just the right cards to play to ensure that good karma and abundance would be waiting for you in the new year? 

Take our quiz to determine if the choices you typically make when celebrating the new year are more (or less) likely to lead you to prosperity in 2012.


1. A kiss at midnight ensures that your relationship will remain strong for the next year, but without one you set the stage for a year of coldness. What scenario most closely describes your New Year’s?

a) Prepare a home-cooked romantic dinner and enjoy it together over candlelight at a table set for two, covered in rose petals. And a perfect kiss at the stroke of midnight.

b) Make your signature sweet and spicy popcorn and curl up on the couch together to watch When Harry Met Sally, as you’re too tired to go out. Yet before the clock strikes midnight, you fall asleep in your partner’s arms.

c) You’re out at a raging New Year’s party with all your friends. Your significant other went to the bar to get refills but is taking a long time. You go to check up on him and find him hitting on another girl. A drunken fight ensues and you miss midnight altogether.


2. According to mythology, making loud noises at the stroke of midnight scares away evil spirits and ushers in a prosperous year. Which of the following most resembles a New Year’s Eve spent at home with your family?

a) The kids shriek the 10-second countdown to midnight at the top of their lungs, while sounding off an endless cacophony of bells and rattles from their noisemakers to ring in the new year.

b) You finish watching The Little Mermaid just in time to wake the kids up to share a sleepy viewing of the ball drop on TV.

c) You set the satellite radio to classical tunes after dinner, and feign a yawn with the hopes that the kids will go down easily at 9 p.m. and you can be in bed soon thereafter.