How to Add Salt to Desserts

Alexandra Rabbani of Salt of the Earth Bakery gives us some tips
Ali Rosen

Salt on dessert

When you think desserts, salt is probably the last word that comes to mind. Paradoxical as it may seem, salt can actually make your confections taste sweeter. Yes, it is possible to make chocolate taste more luscious than it already does.

Alexandra Rabbani of Salt of the Earth Bakery has a line of sweet treats dedicated to perfectly pairing salty and sweet flavor profiles. She explains that salt has the power to change the nature of whatever you’re eating. Rabbani says, “It elevates the flavors, it balances the flavors, and it brings out nuances that you didn’t even know were there.” 

It’s all about choosing the right salt. The biggest offense would be to use your basic iodized table salt. “You have to have the right salts, and you have to use the right amount of salts,” says Rabbani. It’s best to use natural sea salt that compliments the ingredients in the dessert.

To find out which sea salts work best with which desserts, watch the video above. According to Rabbani, “You can really put salt on anything,” so visit Salt of the Earth Bakery to see what new salted dessert combinations they’ve come up with.