How to Review a Restaurant on The Daily Meal

We’re always on the lookout for new restaurant reviews
Wikimedia Commons/ Tomwsulcer

Reviewing a restaurant has never been easier.

Here at The Daily Meal, we’re always on the lookout for submissions from our loyal network of readers, and we know that you have plenty to say. And one of the most popular ways to contribute is by writing a restaurant review. These reviews can be as brief as 150 words or as long as you like, and can be written about any restaurant in the country. Click here for some pointers on how to write a great review, but the best advice we can give is to divide the review into three sections: in the beginning, give a little background and set the scene (the chef, décor, etc.); in the middle, discuss the food and service; and use the closing paragraph sum up what you’ve written and give a final assessment.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you do:

1) Create an account on by clicking "Sign in" in the upper left-hand corner (it’s never been easier; you can now sign up through your Twitter and Facebook accounts).

2) Once you’re logged in, you can click "Review a Restaurant" on your profile, or go to this link.

3) Search for the restaurant you’re looking to review. If the restaurant isn’t in our system, send us an email and we’ll enter it in for you.

4) Find your restaurant in the search results, and this will take you to the restaurant’s profile page.

5) Scroll down until you see "Add Your Review." Enter in the first couple of lines of the review into the text box, and click "Submit." This will take you to our editor.

6) Next to "Review headline," enter in a short, pithy headline, without naming the restaurant (it automatically fills that in when it’s published). So for, say, The French Laundry, your headline can be something like "The Country’s Best Tasting Menu."

7) Upload a photo. It should preferably be cropped to 600x480, and clock in at less than 80 KB. Enter in the source, so if you took the photo you can just use your own name.

8) Enter your review into the "Review Text" window.

9) Click Save, and do the same in the next window. Your review is now ready to go!

Another option is to create an account and email me the Word doc; we'll take care of the rest. 


Be on the lookout for it on our Eat/Dine page: if we like what we see, we’ll feature it there.