How to Put a Stapler in Jell-O, in Honor of April Fools' Day

A tutorial on how to trap office supplies in Jell-O and more food-prank ideas

Office supplies just look so much better when suspended in Jell-O.

In honor of April Fools' Day, and a long-standing obsession with The Office and every Jim/Dwight interaction (come on guys, who’s with us?), we’ve searched the Internet for the best tutorials on how to trap your joke-loving coworker’s stapler in Jell-O

You can trap just about anything in Jell-O, although we advise you to avoid things that could be permanently ruined or those precious items that are irreplaceable or pricey. For example, paper clips… awesome. Sheets of important documents… not so much. Calculators… again a no, unless you’ve purchased them a replacement and have it wrapped and ready to save you from their hatred. And lastly, office mugs are highly recommended.

For those of you adventurous and tech-savvy pranksters out there, let’s not forget about the legendary prank where Jim puts every office knickknack of Dwight’s into the vending machine, and hands him a sack of nickels to retrieve his belongings. Now, whoever can figure this out, or who has connections with the vending machine guy/gal wins our undying admiration.

And let’s not forget the un-The-Office-related boyfriend who turned his icemaker into a candy dispenser for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. I’d say this is a welcome April Fools' trick for just about anyone.

So here’s to [harmless] pranks, and Happy April Fools' Day everyone.




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