How to Party Around the World All Year

Keep spirits high and drinks flowing year-round at these famous festivals from January to December
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You know it’s a good party when people come back year after year without really knowing (or caring) how it all started, what it’s all about, or what things like special cocktails or costumes even signify. And there are enough of these kinds of parties around the world (some months even have two or three) that you could spend an entire year traversing the globe, partying nonstop. Whether you’re a dive bar-enthusiast, a costume-loving parade-goer, or a club-hopping boozehound, there are festivals all year long that beckon to every type of reveler.

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New Year’s Eve may mark the end of the year, but it also marks the start of a new calendar filled with wild and celebratory events — starting with Junkanoo in the Bahamas, partying during Carnival in Rio, hitting Mardi Gras, getting muddy at Glastonbury, and chilling out on the beach in Thailand to howl at the full moon. So if your Januarys, Aprils, Augusts, or Octobers need a bit of a pick-me-up, worry not — there are parties to join and they don’t require you to wait for your nearest drugstore to change its holiday displays.

This is essentially the hard-partying calendar for everyone who wishes they could take a year off to let their hair down. These are the world’s largest, most popular, legendary, and most storied soirées, from the shores of Australia to the streets of Dublin and from San Francisco’s bay to brightly decorated dining rooms in Mexico. All you have to do is pack your dancing shoes and sense of adventure, and learn to say “Cheers!” in every language.