How Many Calories Are In Your Easter Basket?

Many modern-day Easter traditions have been observed for centuries; even if they never appear in the Bible. The holiday's iconic symbol, the Easter Bunny, was introduced to Americans by German immigrants in the 1700s, and was meant to symbolize fertility, life, and procreation. Children would make nests in which the giant hare would lay its colored eggs. This tradition has blossomed from a basket of dyed boiled eggs into indulgent baskets of chocolate bunnies, marshmallow-shaped ducklings, and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.

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But you might be shocked to know that this small collection of chocolates and candies can really wrack up the calories — over 2,000 calories to be exact. 

And this is on top of Easter brunch and Easter dinner! And exactly how did we arrive at this alarming conclusion? We took a look at the reported calories in some of the most favored Easter candies and assumed that they would all be in the same basket come Easter morning. We looked at the serving size of each of the candies and calculated their calories to arrive at this overall total. We included classics from a solid milk chocolate Easter bunny down to the pastel colored M&M's you find sprinkled throughout your Easter basket.

To help you understand how we arrived at this count and to make sure you make the best sweet decisions for your family, we've broken down the entirety of our full Easter basket for your scrutiny. And if you choose to still include all of these classic Easter sweets, just remember that moderation is key!

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Originally published by Lauren Gordon