How to Make Your Bake Sale a Success

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A helpful guide to making your bake sale fun, stress-free, and successful
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School is back in session and with that comes countless bake sales for band trips, soccer uniforms, and other organizations. Bake sales can be stressful and time-consuming, but they are extremely useful fundraisers. With a few guidelines, even the most last-minute bake sales can be successful and fun.

For most, the location of the bake sale is chosen for you — by your school’s administration or by parents. However, picking the right events and times for the bake sale will greatly impact your donations. Make sure to host bake sales during sporting events that are highly attended or during a band concert where a bit of extra sugar will help to keep spirits up. If you do get to choose your location, find a place that is highly visible with lots of foot traffic, for instance, in front of a grocery store.

Recruit Help Early!
Planning everything on your own is stressful, so ask for help. This lessens everyone’s workload, making the event more organized and balanced. It also helps get more creative ideas flowing, because you can’t possibly think of everything on your own. Come up with a list of tasks and create sign up sheets — one for baking volunteers, one for volunteers to bring needed items like tables or napkins, one for an advertisement volunteers, and one for volunteers to work the bake sale.

There are different types of bake sales depending on the time, location, and customer base. As a result, the baked goods should either be packaged or not. Bake sales that are at sporting events are good for unpackaged treats. If this is the case, bring extra trays, plates, and cake stands to organize similar products together and have an overall more pleasant presentation. Your bake sale bakers should think about packaging their product, as this eliminates any sanitation issues, makes set up a lot easier, and makes the presentation seem more professional. Labeling the treats is also a great idea.

Many bake sales have to follow the donate-as-you-wish pricing. If this is the case, make sure to have a cutely decorated vase or bowl for donations. Yet, if it isn’t the case, you might want to think about setting prices for your bake sales. Come up with three or four set prices (i.e. $3, $6, or $10) and have designated areas for each price with clearly marked signs. Let your bakers know of this plan in advance so that they can bake and package their products according to the prices. Also, try to keep the money transactions organized by having only two people in a specific location to man the register.

Remember to get creative with the bake sale products so people can't walk away without wanting to purchase anything — this is the time to let your baking shine! Also, keep the good karma going and find a location to donate any leftover products from the bake sale.

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With these helpful hints, We’re sure your bake sale will be a great success!