How to Make Tortellini from Scratch

Making delicious filled pasta is easier than you think
How to Make Tortellini from Scratch

Even though finished tortellini are ring-shaped, they start as squares of pasta dough.

Tortellini, small ring-shaped pasta that’s traditionally filled with cheese or meat then served in broth or sauce, are easy to make. To make tortellini from scratch, you’ll need fresh pasta dough, rolled thin (if you need a pasta dough recipe for your tortellini, click here). Once you’ve rolled the pasta dough, cut it into small squares (with about 3-inch sides) using a cookie cutter or a pizza wheel.

Place a small amount of ricotta cheese (about ¼ teaspoon) into the center of each piece of pasta. You can flavor the ricotta with grated Parmesan, salt, pepper, nutmeg, or other herbs and spices if you’d like. Once you’ve placed cheese on each piece of pasta, shape the tortellini by brushing a small amount of beaten egg along half the perimeter, folding the square into a triangle, and pressing to seal the edges. Then, wrap the triangle shape into a small loop, pressing the two points of the triangle to seal them and folding the third point over to form the classic tortellini shape.

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