How To Make Soap From Bacon

Ever wonder what you should make your smelly, bacon-loving friend for their birthday? Well, Grant Thompson shows us how to make a bar of soap from bacon fat, combined with household drain-cleaner. Next weekend project, perhaps?

The soap is, fittingly, called "Fight Club Soap," inspired by the soap salesman in the cult classic who steals fat from liposuction clinic dumpsters to create the bars. Thompson, thankfully, uses bacon fat instead.

The process is much easier than expected: Slice up your bacon, render the fat, gather the lard, combine it with drain-cleaner, add in essential oils and coloring, and then bake it to let it harden. The result? A cinnamon-scented bar of soap that lathers like it should, moisturizes thanks to the glycerin from the bacon fat, and actually cleans.

Watch the entire process below, as Thompson starts off with a package of bacon and some drain cleaner, and ends up with soap and some bacon bits for dinner. Not a bad deal.