How to Make a Lucky Charms Wreath

Make this cute craft with the kids for St. Patrick's Day

You won’t need the luck of the Irish for this simple project.

Decor always looks better when it is made with love. What makes a piece even more special is the memories you have of making it, especially when it is simple enough to involve the little ones. For St. Patrick’s Daytry busting out the craft supplies for this simple cereal wreath that will make all of your neighbors jealous. This adorable Lucky Charms inspired wreath is great for you and the little ones to work on together and will keep them plenty occupied! Get started on this easy craft today!

You’ll need:

1 Bottle of Modge-Podge   

1 Box of Lucky Charms

1 Paint Brush

1 Medium-Sized Styrofoam Wreath

1 Yard Green Ribbon


Step One: Separate

It may seem tedious, but have the kids empty the box of cereal and separate the colored marshmallows from the cereal into two separate bowls. This will make designing your wreath easier.

Step Two: The Base

Take the styrofoam wreath and paint a small section of it with a thin layer of Modge-Podge. Have the kids gently arrange and press the dry cereal onto that section until filled in.

Step Three: Seal

Once you have the dry cereal in place, seal it by placing a thin layer of Modge-Podge and allow it to dry.

Step Four: Apply Charms

Add color by painting sections of the wreath with Modge-Podge and applying the “charms” as you see fit. Once you are finished decorating with charms, apply another layer of Modge-Podge  to seal and allow to dry completely.

Step Five: Add Bling


Twirl green ribbon around the dried wreath or make a large green bow to place at the bottom center. Secure with Modge-Podge and allow ample drying time.