How to Make Guacamole

Follow these basic steps to make perfect guacamole dip every time
How to Make Guacamole

Guacamole dip starts with a base of diced tomato, onion, and jalapeño that is seasoned with garlic, salt, and lime juice.

Guacamole, a dish made with smashed avocados and other seasonings, is a popular dip in the United States.

If you make guacamole from scratch then you know that there are many different guacamole recipes to choose from. If you start with a good, basic guacamole recipe, you’ll find that you can customize your guacamole dip to suit your taste or the ingredients that you have on hand. For example, I like lots of fresh cilantro in my guacamole dip whereas others might like extra garlic instead.

If you’re going to make guacamole, try following these basic steps.

Dice tomatoes, onions, and jalapeño peppers


Dice tomatoes (seeds removed), red onion, and jalapeño peppers into small pieces. Dice the jalapeño peppers extra small. If you don’t want your guacamole dip to be spicy, you can leave the peppers out.

Add minced garlic, chopped cilantro, salt, and lime juice


Add minced garlic (I use a garlic press), a handful of chopped cilantro leaves, some salt, and freshly squeezed lime juice to the bowl of diced vegetables. Stir to combine. This is the base of your guacamole.

Smash an avocado


In a separate bowl, smash an avocado with a fork until only small chunks remain. I like chunky guacamole dip, but if you prefer it a bit smoother, feel free to smash the avocado a bit more.

Combine, taste, and season


After you’ve smashed the avocado, add the other ingredients to it and combine until your guacamole dip forms. You should taste the guacamole as you go and add more salt, lime juice, or cilantro if needed.

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This story was originally published September 11, 2014.
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