How To Make Even Better Guacamole

Making "the perfect" guacamole is not a novel idea. Heck, we've even done it twice before, and have two different interviews with celebrated chefs from New York City hot spots Dos Caminos and Rosa Mexicano about how to make the perfect version.

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Just because we've examined the art of making guacamole once or twice before doesn't mean we're done, though, because techniques, products, and recipes are constantly evolving and changing, and we as cooks are always craving more and more tips and opinions from the experts.

This time around we spoke with George Duran, international chef and entertainer. The host of Food Network's Ham on the Street and TLC's Ultimate Cake Off and author of Take This Dish and Twist It, Duran is known for his colorful and lively personality and helpful and informative cooking tips.

Duran's guacamole mantras are similar to ones of past experts that we've spoken with, but he also has some additional tips to share. Like knowing how to spot the perfect ripened avocado and how to make your guacamole your own, whether it's through add-ins like diced apples or the chips you serve it with. And don't forget about the best ways to serve it, because Duran has some pet peeves about when it's served wrong.

Guacamole is a dish that will never fade, and so we'll continue to try and perfect it over and over again. Here are 10 tips for how to make an even more perfect guacamole. 


Anne Dolce is the Cook editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce