How To Make Delicious Easter Desserts

Easter Sunday is a true time for sweets. We load up our Easter baskets with a plethora of Easter candy that puts sugary smiles on our faces. But it isn't just the candy that makes the holiday special. Of course there are the fun times like dyeing Easter eggs and setting up elaborate Easter egg hunts that make it sweet, and plenty of delicious Easter menus that make it tasty. But you don't have to just stop at these Easter treats for a tasty time. Try making these delicious and adorable Easter desserts from Pillsbury that your family will love to make and eat:

Click here for the Classic Easter Dessert Monkey Bread Recipe

Made with Grands! Biscuits, this classic Monkey Bread recipe oozes with warm caramel and cinnamon.

Click here for the Easter Dessert Cinnamon Roll Bunnies Recipe

Let the kids help you make these adorable bunny rolls with cinnamon rolls — a sweet breakfast treat!

Click here for the Easter Dessert Bunny Cookies Recipe

No cookie cutters needed for these clever cookies! Just turn a few balls of Pillsbury Create 'n Bake cookie dough into tasty treats.

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